3 Reasons Why a League Can Benefit Your Community

3 Reasons Why A League Can Benefit Your Community

Written by Kelly (kupo!)


Photo: Genesis 6 2019 Smash Sisters, taken by @adamyim

Leagues are a great way to provide a storyline and connect events for your community together. We’ve had some big leagues on smash.gg like Tekken World Tour and the SoCal Smash Ultimate League, but a league page can be useful for any community! It’s a great way to grow a community and add value to your attendees. Here, I’ll be highlighting the 4 main ways a league page can benefit your community, whether it’s a local in-person community or an entirely online one!

2.Provides Additional Value to Your Attendees

A league page creates a narrative for your attendees to follow. Players work towards the goal of being on top at the end of the season, which means each event is even more meaningful than before. There’s more incentive for players to attend your tournaments, and it encourages event participation so that players don’t fall behind in the standings.

3.Helps Foster and Grow Your Community

Having an incentive to participate in the league means there’s a chance that people who weren’t attending events before will want to start coming to play in your events. More interest in your event means more overall attendees. As more people attend, the more your community will grow. Players will interact with each other, have a great time, and will want to come back for more. It’s so exciting seeing the numbers grow, meeting new players, and making new friends and connections. You can also connect with other local organizers to link their events to the league as well, which means you can collaborate with other TO’s and create connections.

4.All of your events exist on one landing page

One of the biggest benefits to running a league is that all of your events can exist on a single page. As an attendee, I can go to a single page and see all of the upcoming tournaments for the season. Even if you don’t offer standings or points per placement, you can still link all the tournament pages there for people to plan ahead for. It’s a great way to market your organization and to promote all of your events in one place!

5.More Info

For more information on leagues and circuits on smash.gg, check out our in-depth guide on the topic! And as always – feel free to reach out to support@smash.gg if you need any help!

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