Fundraising 101

Fundraising 101

1.Introduction into Fundraising

If you’re here to learn how to use’s fundaising tools – then you’re in the right place! The ecommerce team at has helped organizers raise more than $1 million in the competitive Smash community alone and we’ve consolidated our learnings here to help anyone get started or improve their events through merch sales, donations, and community goals.

Much of this information can be applied to ecommerce in general, but shops are unique in that they function not just a place to sell goods, but as a compendium where sales are connected to your tournament via goals, empowering your community to make your tournament a better experience.

We’ve found that there are 3 critical pieces that lead to a successful compendium: desireable goals that the community wants to fund, great products that people want to purchase, and effective marketing that gets your message out to the right audience. When all three come together, it’s a recipe for success. When one or more elements are lacking, results are less certain and those that remain must pick up the slack.  For example, exciting goals and appealing products can generate a lot of sales, but without strong marketing you’ll miss potential buyers. The alternative, if you don’t offer products people love, will leave you dependent on goals and marketing alone in order to incentivize customers to directly donate.

We’ve broken down each of these 3 areas into sections designs to teach you the basics and help you execute them successfully. We highly suggest reading through these articles before planning or requesting a shop:

The ecommerce team is continuously learning from the shops we work with and we’re eager to share our findings as we continue to build this knowledge base. We’ll be expanding on each topic, adding best practices, and including case studies so you can see the results in action. We also welcome input email us at to let us know what you’re interested in learning about for shops next!
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