Top Things to Consider When Setting Up Registration

Top Things to Consider When Setting Up Registration
Written by Kelly (kupo!) G.

1.What you need to know

As a tournament organizer, it’s always helpful to offer my attendees the ability to pre-register. Even if I’m taking payments in cash on-site, it can make the check-in process faster and easier for everyone involved. It helps reduce the prep time to get the tournament started, so it’s hugely beneficial. I wanted to provide some tips on how to set up registration to make your life as an organizer easier, and also provide a better registration experience for your attendees!

2.Set registration deadlines

Typically for larger tournaments, it is recommended to close overall registration a day or so in advance to the start of the tournament. This helps give yourself enough time to seed the event, make any player swaps in the bracket that are necessary, and finalize the bracket to give people an idea of when to play. It’s always recommended to make sure players know exactly when they are playing, especially if there are multiple groups starting at different times. (For more information about scheduling, check out this article).

Even if I’m running a weekly tournament that is still taking on-site registration at the door, closing registration the day before my tournament will give me plenty of time to seed those who have already registered. This should make it easier to make adjustments for anyone who signs up at the door, streamlining the process!

You can even set registration deadlines for teams events! This makes sure everyone has time to complete their team ahead of time, and sets a clear due date to complete this process. Any team not completed before the deadline is not added to the bracket, so you can focus on seeding and prepping the bracket for those who completed their tasks!

3.Setting Up Multiple Venue Passes

You can create multiple kinds of venue passes for your different kinds of attendees. If you are running a larger scale event, creating a spectator pass can help cover the venue costs. Spectators can’t register for any events, so it’s recommended that these passes be cheaper than competitor passes. After all, they’re just there to watch! What I like to do is offer spectator passes purely for those who want to watch, but any access to setups even for friendlies should warrant a competitor pass. Of course every TO is free to charge how they see fit, in the end having multiple kinds of venue passes gives your attendees the option to choose how involved they want to be, and still attend at a price that works for them. Spectators can also pre-register without an account! They’ll be sent a confirmation email which they can use to check-in (handy!).

Another way you can use multiple venue passes is to have a price that scales over time. For example, the first two weeks of registration being open attendees can get a $10 discount on registration! But once the deadline passes, the price of a ticket goes up $10. This can encourage people to register as early as possible, and offering lower prices can drive attendance.

You can also set up multiple passes that are for specific events! It will restrict the attendee from registering for any events that aren’t linked to that pass. (More info on how to set that up here!)

We’ve got more info on how to set up multiple venue passes here!

4.Setting up Registration Caps

Is there a limit to the number of people you can have in the venue? You can proactively set a cap to the number of passes that can be sold. This helps prevent the fire marshalls from rushing the building because you’re violating safety codes! You want to keep your attendees safe and also prevent the event from getting shut down…

If you’re more worried about having too many people enter with your limited resources, you can set a cap just to specific events. This can help make things a bit more manageable for you and your team. It’s really only recommended to do this if you are very limited on time, space, and resources. 

This article goes over how to set up different kinds of registration caps!

5.Any questions?

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